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  • Life made simple

    Live your life the way you want it. At domabo, we've created the whole house robot, the DOMABOTâ„¢, available for both residential and commercial installation.

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  • Your house is the robot

    Your house or building is a living system. Interact with it the way you want it. Whether it's mood lighting, automatic irrigation on hot days, a digital media library that follows you around the house, or the latest in security technology that knows your habits, the DOMABOT integrates components from just about any manufacturer using leading edge technologies. This isn't a science fiction movie. This is working right now, using components you can pick up at your local high street retailers, and using our custom, standards-based software.

    High function, low pricing

  • High function, low budget

    domabo, inc. was created to fill a void in the market... high end, custom functionality at affordable, commodity or even open-source pricing. We conducted extensive analysis of the existing industry and found that most of the cost in high end automation and building control systems was tied up in proprietary hardware or enormous markups. Most DOMABOT systems are configured using off-the-shelf hardware components available at Amazon, Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart, etc. using sophisticated software from us that makes this possible.

Human first

Powered by things, but designed by humans for humans

Enabled by limerun

Device agnostic

IoT, ZWave, HTTP, CoAP, REST, Apple HomeKit, extensible

Based on OWIN-JS standard

Open source

Community and commercial licenses available

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Control your house from anywhere

Clean user interfaces that just work.

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"So simple, even a seven year old can use it" - Piers Guy

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The DOMABOT XV brings your home to life with whole house automation, media integration and complete control from anywhere in the world via touch, visual, voice, web and handheld. Building control. Lighting. Climate. Surveillance. Audio. Video. TV. Digital Media. Irrigation. Robotics. Security. Telephony.

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